Prenatal pilates
Prenatal pilates
Specialist support and training exercises for effective pre-natal preparation and post-natal recovery.

Pre-Natal Pilates

Benefits of prenatal and postnatal exercise

Prenatal exercises offer mothers-to-be exercises which focus on realigning of the body for successful natural childbirth, maintaining a level of fitness necessary for the ease of daily activities and most importantly to prevent some common pregnancy issues such as lower back pain.    Research has suggested that keeping up with prenatal exercises will help to have a shorter recovery time postpartum.

These exercises are conducted in a relaxing environment with the aid of props such as fitball, small foam arc, foam roller, the thera band and studio equipments.    With or without these props, classes will also be conducted safely with special focus on incorporating the pelvic floor exercises or kegel which is essential to avoid any weakening the pelvic floor muscles, from pregnancy and childbirth to aging.   By appropriate amount of pelvic floor exercise we aim to avoid possible related problems such as leakage of urine.

Through these prenatal sessions, ladies will enjoy different exercise type at different stage of the pregnancy which is catered for their need.   Through these exercises, all mother-to-bes will learn how to slow down so that they understand that is it important to allow their body not to work so hard.   We emphasize and educate clients on the pelvic floor exercises and we combine the breathing techniques as a relaxing tool which will help through labour and delivery.

It is important for all prenatal ladies to accept that exercises conducted before the baby’s birth is not to create more tone or muscle mass, they are exercises which are necessary to help keep to upkeep the congruency of the joints.  By having this congruency, mothers will move around with less chance of injuries even with their extra weight they are carrying with more efficiency and thus gives a boost in energy and confidence.

All our pre-natal instructors have undergone specialist training in pre-natal pilates which is over and above their normal pilates training. Their specialist knowledge ensures that prenatal mothers will obtain the most appropriate exercises for effective pre-natal preparation and post-natal recovery.

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