Thailates™ is a new fusion training at the crossroad of Pilates, Functional Training and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) techniques.

Thailates™ is a cardio and strength training which aims to work all the muscles layers in the body from the deep muscles to the main groups, plus an explosive Muay Thai workout.


Come as you are!

Although Thailates™ is a high intensity workout, classes are tailor-maded for each individual client. Everyone can improve and progress at his/her

own level: improving on current strengths, and working step by step on body limitations. The end result, lower risk of injuries and stronger muscles.

Thailates™ combines the benefits of personal training with the fun of group class exercises! 

All benefits in 1 hour:

Benefits Pilates Functional Training Muay Thai
Improves Cardio            
Improves Posture         
Increases balance, range of motion and flexibility            
Promotes weight loss            
Increase core strength and stability                
Increase strength and performance                   
Prevents injuries            
Boosts metabolism            
Improves sleep               
Improves speed, agility and quickness               
Builds lean muscle               
Improves stamina               
Increases bone density               
Improves lymphatic system         
Improves joint strength and mobility            

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