Yvonne Hsi

Teaching and sharing fitness has given Yvonne a great sense of job satisfaction especially watching participants walking away from her classes with satisfaction and different levels of achievement.   Yvonne started teaching high intensity fitness classes in 2000 and it was from a serious neck injury caused by long hours of architectural design work over the drawing board that has led her to Yoga, Pilates and the Gyrotonic method. 

The Pilates rehabilitation sessions helped Yvonne to recover and strengthen with such dual succession that it was only natural to want to learn more and share the benefits with all clients.   Subsequently, the certification of Polestar Mat and Allegro were shortly met with the full training in Studio series under the guidence of Polestar Asia Head Educator, Sam Robinson. 

As a natural progression, under the guidance of Gyrotonic Master Trainer and Polestar Asia Pilates Director, Dawnna Wayburne, Yvonne is very lucky to further her studies and expand her training to the GYROTONIC® system.  The Gyrotonic method opened her to yet another challenge of training in integrated non-linear and fully articulated movements.

With the guidence of Carolyne Anthony, founder of The Center For Women's Fitness, Yvonne continues to expand her knowledge in Pre/Postnatal Specialist program.    With a collaboration of physiotherapists in the studio, Yvonne is teaching pre and postnatal mothers, clients with injuries and pathologies. 

Yvonne teaches both private and group Pilates Mat, Mat with props, Prenatal Pilates, fitball, Allegro, Studio, Gyrotonic and Leg Extenssion Unit.  In addition, as a Mentor and Educator for Polestar Pilates Asia, Yvonne also teaches Polestar Pilates certification courses locally and throughout Asia. She is available to offer mentor sessions in preparation for certification exams. 

Yvonne is available to teach:

  • Pilates Comprehensive Studio 
  • Pilates Mat
  • Pilates Mat with Props
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates
  • Polestar Mat, Reformer & Studio Teacher's Training Courses
  • Polestar Mat, Reformer & Studio Mentor Sessions

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