Naomi Lecoq

Since I was small, I have been very active, doing various sports ranging from rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and running to aerobics and even boxing. I have always thought it best to do strenuous exercises such as these if you want to build a strong body. Then came a turning point when I encountered Pilates just after I my second baby.

I started taking Pilates lessons every week and felt really great. It was a kind of revelation to me to find out that it tones up your core muscles without hard cardio workout while you are lying most of the time. I could feel I was improving little by little, week by week, which was very rewarding as well as reassuring. Some months later I started taking up ballet and running again after a long break and realized a noticeable change in movement and awareness, all thanks to Pilates. Motivated by this personal experience, I have further explored the art of Pilates and have recently got the Mat certification.  

I look forward to sharing this wonderful experience of mine with everybody, young or old, athletes or non-athletes. It would make me happy if I could help my clients feel the same way I feel.



してきました。激しい運動以外あまり、興味を持っていませんでしたが、第二子を出産後、ピラティスと出会い、横になったままでも体を鍛えられる、というその運動スタイルに魅了されました。  大きな動きをしなくても、筋肉を十分に鍛えられるということは

私にとって驚きでした。 そして、ピラティスを続けていくと、できなかったことが









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