Deandra Ku


Deandra began her career as a professional accountant in various multinational corporations. Like many professionals, she suffered from chronic back pain caused by the stress and pressure of prolonged office work. To cure herself, Deandra started to workout and practice GYROTONIC® and Pilates in 2003 and gradually recovered and rebuilt her body. Deandra’s own experience of the benefits of both exercises convinced her to become a dedicated full time instructor to share her experience with others.

Under the guidance of Dawnna Wayburne, Master Trainer of GYROTONIC®, Deandra started to explore the world of GYROTONIC®. The unique methodology opened her body and mind and assisted her to move in a more free and non-linear fashion. To further explore the world of GYROTONIC®, Deandra also studied and practised GYROKINESIS®, the foundation from which GYROTONIC® developed without requirement of any specialized equipment.

Deandra also includes Pilates in her practice so as to gain further knowledge of optimal  muscle usage and proper body posture.

By combining GYROTONIC® and Pilates, Deandra aims to focus on assisting clients to be more aware of their own bodies so as to prevent chronic pain due to improper daily body posture and improper usage of body muscle.

Deandra is available to teach :

  • Pilates Allegro
  • Pilates Mat
  • Pilates Studio
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates

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