Arisa Kato

Arisa worked in financial industry for about 10 years as an equity quants researcher, a pension management researcher, and a transition manager. She moved to Hong Kong in 2014 for family reasons . She started practicing Pilates and soon found that Pilates was very effective for her in creating a fit and healthy body. Pilates, for her, is not only effective in training inner muscles and increase basal metabolism to create a body which is hard to gain weight, but also to relieve lower back pain and shoulder stiffness, as well as preventing swelling of extremities and skin troubles.

In addition, Polestar Pilates incorporates rehabilitation elements and is great for any people in any age. She is very willing to share these Pilates benefits with you and support you in achieving your fitness goal.




Arisa is available to teach:

  • Pilates Mat 

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